• *How to open whatsapp with USA (+1) number?*

    *By – A7Pzero*

1. Install app from given link

2. As installation done open all and click on get free number.

3. Then check sign up option there, sign up with Gmail.

4. Then verify yourself by clicking on ( I’m not robot).

5. Wait for some second one window will open put 504 code there.

6. Choose number fast from given list.

7. You got new number now. Check your number by clicking 3 lines in upper left corner.


8. Now install another WhatsApp ( search on Google for WhatsApp buisiness or GB WhatsApp)

9. Now put your country USA with your number you got in app.

10. Now click next wait for 2 min.
And put call me option in WhatsApp.


11. You’ll get call in TextNow app.
Listen code and put in WhatsApp.

You got new WhatsApp number..

*Bonus* –
1. You can use this number to make any kind of fake accounts.

2. You can make unlimited +1 numbers.. just do log out from app and do sign up with any random Gmail.



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If you have any doubt ask to *@⁨romoulai*

*Credits- A7Pzero*

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